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WHIZZ  34164 4" Orange Whizz flock Mini Roller

34164 4" Orange Whizz flock Mini Roller

WHIZZ Series 34164 4" Orange Whizz flock Mini Roller w/ 13" Handle

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  • Covered end for painting corners
  • This product is a paint roller
  • The UPC of this product is 732087341645
  • Package Dimension: 19"L x 5"W x 7"H
Product Code: WT34164-

WhizzFlock is the optimal choice for water-based coatings such as enamels, varnishes, and urethane. Its versatility makes it perfect for a wide range of surfaces, including doors, cupboards, shelves, jambs, window frames, furniture, and more.

One of the greatest benefits of WhizzFlock is its ability to slow down the drying process of coatings. Additionally, it works exceptionally well with high-viscosity sheened coatings, thanks to its minute fibers that allow for a high pick-up and delivery rate, resulting in a smooth coating. In most cases, there is no need to lay off or back roll to achieve the desired thickness or smoothness. WhizzFlock even allows the user to roll where spraying may not be an option. Furthermore, the rounded edges prevent any paint from flowing off the tool's end, preventing lap marks.

WhizzFlock is a prime example of a product that combines form and function to produce optimal results. Its unique attributes make it an exceptional choice for coating a wide range of surfaces, allowing users to achieve a professional finish.


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