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Product Code: ZI249729
ONE COATER 9" X 3/8" (735)

Premier 9" x 3/8" Nap Dripless Roller Cover

Are you looking for a high-quality roller cover that can give you a flawless finish with your painting projects? Look no further than Premier Dripless Roller Cover! Made with a good quality polyester knit fabric and polypropylene solvent resistant core, this roller cover is designed to deliver a superior painting experience.

Premier922 has a Dripless Design for Mess-Free Painting The Premier Dripless Roller Cover lives up to its name with a unique design that prevents paint from dripping, making it an excellent choice for mess-free painting. You can achieve a smooth and even coat with less mess and clean up time, thanks to this innovative design. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional painter, this roller cover will give you the results you need.

Premier 922 is Versatile and Compatible with All Paints The Premier Dripless Roller Cover is a versatile option that works well with all types of paints, whether you're using water-based or oil-based formulas. This makes it a great choice for painters who work with different types of paint on a regular basis. The cover's 9" x 3/8" nap is suitable for semi-rough surfaces, allowing you to tackle a variety of painting projects with ease.

Premier 922 is Durable and Long-Lasting Made with good quality polyester knit fabric and a polypropylene solvent resistant core, the Premier Dripless Roller Cover is designed to last. It can withstand the rigors of frequent use and can be washed and reused for multiple projects. This makes it an excellent investment for both professional painters and DIY enthusiasts who want a durable and long-lasting roller cover.


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