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Barr / Klean-Strip

The Philosophy at W.M. Barr is tocome to work every day to take care of people. Whether you're removing a decalfrom a bumper or stripping paint off an antique, Klean-Strip offers aline of professional-strength products to get tough on home improvement. Byworking with the pros, we know what you need to get the job done.

Klean-Strip products are like elbow grease in a can. They're formulatedfor professional use to strip years of old paint, clean up heavy-duty spills,and give homes a second chance.

Overviewof the Klean-Strip product line

Klean-StripRemoversSometimes known as strippers,removers are used for softening or lifting gummy material like adhesives. Theyalso remove paint, stains and clear coatings like polyurethane, varnish andshellac.

Klean-StripSolvents and thinnersSolvents and thinners are mixed intowet paint, varnish, stain and other finishes to thin them out. Solvents andthinners are also excellent for clean up after the project.

Klean-StripCleaning and surface prepThis line of products cuts throughtough grease, washes away paint splatters and helps with other heavy-dutyclean-ups.

Klean-StripHeating fuelsThese fuels work in portable heatingappliances built for kerosene and kerosene-replacements.