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ZipWall Dust Barrier System, Dust Containment, Proper Jobsite Setup, Protect Jobsite from Contamination It took a contractor who created clouds of dust to finally create an easy-to-use dust barrier system. That man was Jeff Whittemore. Prior to founding ZipWall, Jeff operated a highly regarded floor refinishing company. One particular job needed dust containment to protect major portions the house from contamination. The large open floor plan presented quite a problem.

The solution had to be tapeless. It had to be easy to set up. It had to work with a variety of ceiling heights. And it had to be virtually airtight. The result was the ZipWall Foam Rails, Dust Barrier Systemrevolutionary ZipWall Dust Barrier System.

For the first time, one person could set up a tapeless dust barrier system in minutes, saving valuable time, and preventing damage to finished surfaces.

Recognized by the press and endorsed by contractors, this award-winning product is now considered the most flexible, comprehensive and effective dust containment solution available.

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Pearson # Description Pack Price
ZW4PL Zipwall 4 Pack Plus 3 Inquiry
ZWSLP2 Zipwall SLP 2 Pack 6 Inquiry
ZWKT20 Zipwall Kit 20 6 Inquiry
ZWZP2 Zipwall ZipPole 2 6 Inquiry
ZWFR2 Zipwall Foam Rail 6 Inquiry
ZWSC2 Zipwall Side Clamps 4 Inquiry
ZWCB1 Zipwall Carry Bag 6 Inquiry
ZWAZ2 Zipwall Zippers 48 Inquiry
ZWHDAZ2 Zipwall Heavy Duty Zippers 2 48 Inquiry
ZWZDS Zipwall ZipDoor Standard 12 Inquiry
ZWZDC Zipwall ZipDoor Commercial 12 Inquiry
ZWT160 Zipwall Tape 1"x60' 48 Inquiry
ZWT260 Zipwall Tape 2"x60' 48 Inquiry
ZWGD2 Zipwall Grip discs 6 Inquiry
ZWNSP2 Zipwall Non-skid plate 6 Inquiry
ZWRLPK Zipwall Reel Pack 4 Inquiry
ZWRLFP Zipwall Reel Facility Pack 2 Inquiry

Pearson # Description Pack Price
ZWSLP6 Zipwall SLP 6 Pack 2 Inquiry
ZWZP4 Zipwall ZipPole 4 4 Inquiry
ZWZR1 Zipwall ZipRail 1 6 Inquiry
ZWZR3 Zipwall ZipRail 3 3 Inquiry
ZWSDPK Zipwall Side Pack 1 Inquiry
ZWZHK1 Zipwall ZipHook 6 Inquiry
ZWHDAZ12 Zipwall Heavy Duty Zippers 12 8 Inquiry
ZWRN09 Zipwall ZipRunner 1 x 3 Meters 10 Inquiry
ZWRN33 Zipwall ZipRunner 1 x 10 Meter 6 Inquiry
ZWRN98 Zipwall ZipRunner 1 x 30 Meter 2 Inquiry
ZWFA10 Zipwall Floor Adaptor 10 6 Inquiry
ZWFA12 Zipwall Floor Adaptor 12 6 Inquiry