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With 55 years of innovation and demonstrated quality craftsmanship, OLFA has set a standard for excellence in engineering heavy-duty and specialty cutting tools and scrapers for the building, safety and industrial industries. Its exceptional handles and unsurpassed blades are examples of Japan’s centuries old legacy of flawless blade-making. This unmatched craftsmanship is embodied in all OLFA tools and blades - qualities that builders, contractors and safety professionals have come to expect ofOLFAproducts,which they recognize

Cutting Edge - The OLFA snap-off blade continues to deliver productivity and savings in the workplace with the remarkable ease and speed of changing a blade edge simply by snapping off a segment to renew the cutting edge.

Quality - High-performance OLFA tools are designed for long life,with durable, premium-quality handles, many with non-slip cushion-grip features or ergonomic design to ease hand andwrist fatigue. Snap-off and rotary blades are engineered of the finest quality tool steel, ensuring exceptional sharpness and edge retention.

Safety - OLFAcutting tools are designedwith safety inmind, incorporating blade guards, automatic retraction and blade lockingmechanisms to preventmishaps. Blade replacement is a special priority with new designs introduced to make changing blades easier and safer than ever.

Satisfaction Guaranteed - OLFA offers a Satisfaction Guaranteed policy on its handles and blade locking mechanisms, as well as a select assortment of blades.

Item #
Description Pack Pricing
WR5001 Olfa Knives 180 Multi-Purpose Metal Handle Utility Knife 6 Inquiry
WR9091 Olfa Knives 300 Wheel Lock Utility Knife 6 Inquiry
WR5023 Olfa Knives A-1 Slide Lock Utility Knife 6 Inquiry
WR1069143 Olfa Knives SPC-1/40 Promotional Utility Knife - 40 Unit Display 1 Inquiry
WR5018 Olfa Knives SVR-1 Stainless Steel Slide Lock Utility Knife 6 Inquiry
WR5019 Olfa Knives SVR-2 Stainless Steel Auto-Lock Utility Knife 6 Inquiry
WR5010 Olfa Knives AB-10B9mm Snap-Off Blades - 10/pk 6 Inquiry
WR5015 Olfa Knives AB-50B9mm Snap-Off Blades - 50/pk 6 Inquiry
WR9281 Olfa Knives AB-10S9mm Stainless Steel Snap-Off Blades - 10/pk 6 Inquiry
WR9282 Olfa Knives AB-50S9mm Stainless Steel Snap-Off Blades - 50/pk 6 Inquiry
WR9148 Olfa Knives ABB-10B9mm UltraSharp Snap-Off Black Blades - 10/pk 6 Inquiry
WR9149 Olfa Knives ABB-50B9mm UltraSharp Snap-Off Black Blades - 50/pk 6 Inquiry
WR5003 Olfa Knives L-1 Ratchet Lock Utility Knife 6 Inquiry
WR5004 Olfa Knives L-2 Rubber Inset Utility Knife 6 Inquiry
WR9046 Olfa Knives NOL-1 Rubber Grip Ratchet-Lock Utility Knife 6 Inquiry
WR1092625 Olfa Knives LB-5B18mm Snap-Off Blade - 5/pk 6 Inquiry
WR5009 Olfa Knives LB-10B18mm Snap-Off Blade - 10/pk 6 Inquiry
WR5016 Olfa Knives LB-50B18mm Snap-Off Blade - 50/pk 6 Inquiry
WR9537 Olfa Knives TK-4B Multi-Purpose Touch Knife - Color: Black 100 Inquiry