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Old Masters

No shortcuts, just some of the finest stains and finishes available!
Pearson Item #DescriptionPackPrice
OM11501Old Masters 11501 VOC WIPING PROVINCIAL GALLON2Request Price
OM11504Old Masters 11504 VOC WIPING PROVINCIAL QUART4Request Price
OM11516Old Masters 11516 VOC WIPING PROVINCIAL 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM11401Old Masters 11401 VOC WIPING RED MAHOG GALLON2Request Price
OM11404Old Masters 11404 VOC WIPING RED MAHOG QUART4Request Price
OM11416Old Masters 11416 VOC WIPING RED MAHOG 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM12101Old Masters 12101 VOC WIPING SPECIAL WALNUTGALLON2Request Price
OM12104Old Masters 12104 VOC WIPING SPECIAL WALNUTQUART4Request Price
OM12116Old Masters 12116 VOC WIPING SPECIAL WALNUT 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM11301Old Masters 11301 VOC WIPING CHERRY GALLON2Request Price
OM11304Old Masters 11304 VOC WIPING CHERRY QUART4Request Price
OM11316Old Masters 11316 VOC WIPING CHERRY 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM11201Old Masters 11201 VOC WIPING GOLDEN OAK GALLON2Request Price
OM11204Old Masters 11204 VOC WIPING GOLDEN OAK QUART4Request Price
OM11216Old Masters 11216 VOC WIPING GLDNEN OAK 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM11601Old Masters 11601 VOC WIPING MAPLE GALLON2Request Price
OM11604Old Masters 11604 VOC WIPING MAPLE QUART4Request Price
OM11616Old Masters 11616 VOC WIPING MAPLE 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM11701Old Masters 11701 VOC WIPING EARLY AMERICAN GALLON2Request Price
OM11704Old Masters 11704 VOC WIPING EARLY AMERICAN QUART4Request Price
OM11716Old Masters 11716 VOC WIPING EARLY AMERICAN 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM11901Old Masters 11901 VOC WIPING CEDAR GALLON2Request Price
OM11904Old Masters 11904 VOC WIPING CEDAR QUART4Request Price
OM11916Old Masters 11916 VOC WIPING CEDAR 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM12001Old Masters 12001 VOC WIPING DK WALNUT GALLON2Request Price
OM12004Old Masters 12004 VOC WIPING DK WALNUT QUART4Request Price
OM12016Old Masters 12016 VOC WIPING DK WALNUT 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM11101Old Masters 11101 VOC WIPING NATURAL GALLON2Request Price
OM11104Old Masters 11104 VOC WIPING NATURAL QUART4Request Price
OM11116Old Masters 11116 VOC WIPING NATURAL 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM12201Old Masters 12201 VOC WIPING SPANISH OAK GALLON2Request Price
OM12204Old Masters 12204 VOC WIPING SPANISH OAK QUART4Request Price
OM12216Old Masters 12216 VOC WIPING SPANISH OAK 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM11801Old Masters 11801 VOC WIPING DK MAHOG GALLON2Request Price
OM11804Old Masters 11804 VOC WIPING DK MAHOG QUART4Request Price
OM11816Old Masters 11816 VOC WIPING DK MAHOG 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM12304Old Masters 12304 VOC WIPING FRUITWOOD QUART4Request Price
OM12316Old Masters 12316 VOC WIPING FRUITWOOD 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM12404Old Masters 12404 VOC WIPING PICKLE WHITE QUART4Request Price
OM12416Old Masters 12416 VOC WIPING PICKLE WHITE 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM12501Old Masters 12501 VOC WIPING PURITAN PINE GALLON2Request Price
OM12504Old Masters 12504 VOC WIPING PURITAN PINE QUART4Request Price
OM12516Old Masters 12516 VOC WIPING PURITAN PINE 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM20208Old Masters 20208 DRIFTWOOD GRAINING BASE PINT6Request Price
OM20204Old Masters 20204 DRIFTWOOD GRAINING BASE QUART4Request Price
OM21204Old Masters 21204 MAPLE GRAINING BASE QUART4Request Price
OM21208Old Masters 21208 MAPLE GRAINING BASE PINT6Request Price
OM20304Old Masters 20304 WALNUT GRAINING BASE QUART4Request Price
OM20308Old Masters 20308 WALNUT GRAINING BASE PINT6Request Price
OM30300Old Masters 30300 GRAINING TOOL6Request Price
OM40501Old Masters 40501 PENETRATE PROVINCIAL GALLON2Request Price
OM40504Old Masters 40504 PENETRATE PROVINCIAL QUART4Request Price
OM40516Old Masters 40516 PENETRATE PROVINCIAL 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM40401Old Masters 40401 PENETRATE RED MAHOGANY GALLON2Request Price
OM40404Old Masters 40404 PENETRATE RED MAHOGANY QUART4Request Price
OM40416Old Masters 40416 PENETRATE RED MAHOGANY 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM41101Old Masters 41101 PENETRATE SPECIAL WALNUT GALLON2Request Price
OM41104Old Masters 41104 PENETRATE SPECIAL WALNUT QUART4Request Price
OM41116Old Masters 41116 PENETRATE SPECIAL WALNUT 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM40301Old Masters 40301 PENETRATE CHERRY GALLON2Request Price
OM40304Old Masters 40304 PENETRATE CHERRY QUART4Request Price
OM40316Old Masters 40316 PENETRATE CHERRY 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM40201Old Masters 40201 PENETRATE GOLDEN OAK GALLON2Request Price
OM40204Old Masters 40204 PENETRATE GOLDEN OAK QUART4Request Price
OM40216Old Masters 40216 PENETRATE GOLDEN OAK 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM40601Old Masters 40601 PENETRATE MAPLE GALLON2Request Price
OM40604Old Masters 40604 PENETRATE MAPLE QUART4Request Price
OM40616Old Masters 40616 PENETRATE MAPLE 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM40701Old Masters 40701 PENETRATE EARLY AMERICAN GALLON2Request Price
OM40704Old Masters 40704 PENETRATE EARLY AMERICAN QUART4Request Price
OM40716Old Masters 40716 PENETRATE EARLY AMERICAN 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM40901Old Masters 40901 PENETRATE CEDAR GALLON2Request Price
OM40904Old Masters 40904 PENETRATE CEDAR QUART4Request Price
OM40916Old Masters 40916 PENETRATE CEDAR 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM41001Old Masters 41001 PENETRATE DK WALNUT GALLON2Request Price
OM41004Old Masters 41004 PENETRATE DK WALNUT QUART4Request Price
OM41016Old Masters 41016 PENETRATE DK WALNUT 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM40101Old Masters 40101 PENETRATE NATURAL GALLON2Request Price
OM40104Old Masters 40104 PENETRATE NATURAL QUART4Request Price
OM40116Old Masters 40116 PENETRATE NATURAL 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM41201Old Masters 41201 PENETRATE SPANISH OAK GALLON2Request Price
OM41204Old Masters 41204 PENETRATE SPANISH OAK QUART4Request Price
OM41216Old Masters 41216 PENETRATE SPANISH OAK 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM40801Old Masters 40801 PENETRATE DK MAHOGANY GALLON2Request Price
OM40804Old Masters 40804 PENETRATE DK MAHOGANY QUART4Request Price
OM40816Old Masters 40816 PENETRATE DK MAHOGANY 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM41301Old Masters 41301 PENETRATE FRUITWOOD GALLON2Request Price
OM41304Old Masters 41304 PENETRATE FRUITWOOD QUART4Request Price
OM41316Old Masters 41316 PENETRATE FRUITWOOD 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM41401Old Masters 41401 PENETRATE PICKLE WHITE GALLON2Request Price
OM41404Old Masters 41404 PENETRATE PICKLE WHITE QUART4Request Price
OM41416Old Masters 41416 PENETRATE PICKLE WHITE 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM41501Old Masters 41501 PENETRATE PURITAN PINE GALLON2Request Price
OM41504Old Masters 41504 PENETRATE PURITAN PINE QUART4Request Price
OM41516Old Masters 41516 PENETRATE PURITAN PINE 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM44101Old Masters 44101 PENETRATE CRIMSON FIRE GALLON2Request Price
OM44104Old Masters 44104 PENETRATE CRIMSON FIRE QUART4Request Price
OM44116Old Masters 44116 PENETRATE CRIMSON FIRE 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM44201Old Masters 44201 PENETRATE VINTAGE BURGUNDY GALLON2Request Price
OM44204Old Masters 44204 PENETRATE VINTAGE BURGUNDY QUART4Request Price
OM44216Old Masters 44216 PENETRATE VINTAGE BURGUNDY 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM44301Old Masters 44301 PENETRATE RICH MAHOGANY GALLON2Request Price
OM44304Old Masters 44304 PENETRATE RICH MAHOGANY QUART4Request Price
OM44316Old Masters 44316 PENETRATE RICH MAHOGANY 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM90004Old Masters 90004 100% PURE TUNG OIL QUART6Request Price
OM90008Old Masters 90008 100% PURE TUNG OIL PINT6Request Price
OM80108Old Masters 80108 GEL STAIN NATURAL PINT4Request Price
OM80116Old Masters 80116 GEL STAIN NATURAL 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM80208Old Masters 80208 GEL STAIN GLDN OAK PINTT4Request Price
OM80216Old Masters 80216 GEL STAIN GLDN OAK 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM80308Old Masters 80308 GEL STAIN CHERRY PINT4Request Price
OM80316Old Masters 80316 GEL STAIN CHERRY 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM80408Old Masters 80408 GEL STAIN RED MAHOG PINT4Request Price
OM80416Old Masters 80416 GEL STAIN RED MAHOG 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM80508Old Masters 80508 GEL STAIN PROVINCIAL PINT4Request Price
OM80516Old Masters 80516 GEL STAIN PROVINCIAL 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM80608Old Masters 80608 GEL STAIN EARLY AMERICAN PINT4Request Price
OM80616Old Masters 80616 GEL STAIN EARLY AMERICAN 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM80708Old Masters 80708 GEL STAIN DK WALNUT PINT4Request Price
OM80716Old Masters 80716 GEL STAIN DK WALNUT 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM80701Old Masters 80710 GEL STAIN DK WALNUT GALLON2Request Price
OM80808Old Masters 80808 GEL STAIN SPEC WALNUT PINT4Request Price
OM80816Old Masters 80816 GEL STAIN SPEC WAL 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM80801Old Masters 80810 GEL STAIN SPEC WALNUT GALLON2Request Price
OM80908Old Masters 80908 GEL STAIN FRUITWOOD PINT4Request Price
OM80916Old Masters 80916 GEL STAIN FRUITWOOD 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM81008Old Masters 81008 GEL STAIN PICKLING WHITE PINT4Request Price
OM81016Old Masters 81016 GEL STAIN PICKLING WHITE 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM81108Old Masters 81108 GEL STAIN DK MAHOG PINT4Request Price
OM81116Old Masters 81116 GEL STAIN DK MAHOG 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM81208Old Masters 81208 GEL STAIN MAPLE PINT4Request Price
OM81216Old Masters 81216 GEL STAIN MAPLE 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM81308Old Masters 81308 GEL STAIN CEDAR PINT4Request Price
OM81316Old Masters 81316 GEL STAIN CEDAR 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM81408Old Masters 81408 GEL STAIN SPANISH OAK PINT4Request Price
OM81416Old Masters 81416 GEL STAIN SPANISH OAK 1/2 PINT6Request Price
OM50104Old Masters 50104 STAIN CONTROLLER QT4Request Price
OM50101Old Masters 50101 STAIN CONTROLLER GAL2Request Price
OM50004Old Masters 50004 WOODGRAIN FILLER QUART4Request Price
OM75501Old Masters 75501 H20 ACRYLIC POLY SATIN GALLON2Request Price
OM75504Old Masters 75504 H20 ACRYLIC POLY SATIN QUART4Request Price
OM49510Old Masters 49510 POLY SEMI-GLOSS AEROSOL6Request Price
OM49601Old Masters 49601 POLY SATIN GALLON2Request Price
OM49604Old Masters 49604 POLY SATIN QUART4Request Price
OM49610Old Masters 49610 POLY SATIN AEROSOL6Request Price
OM49801Old Masters 49801 QUICK DRY S/G VARNISH GALLON2Request Price
OM49804Old Masters 49804 QUICK DRY S/G VARNISH QUART4Request Price
OM49901Old Masters 49901 QUICK DRY SATIN VARNISH GALLON2Request Price
OM49904Old Masters 49904 QUICK DRY SATIN VARNISH QUART4Request Price
OM45001Old Masters 45001 SANDING SEALER GALLON2Request Price
OM45004Old Masters 45004 SANDING SEALER QUART4Request Price
OM30901Old Masters 30901 PASTE FINISHING WAX PT4Request Price
OM50404Old Masters 50404 LEMON OIL QUART6Request Price
OM50408Old Masters 50408 LEMON OIL PINT6Request Price
OM30500Old Masters 30500 LAMBSWOOL STAIN APPLICAOR12Request Price
OM00101Old Masters 00101 TM-1 LIQUID REMOVER GALLON4Request Price
OM00104Old Masters 00104 TM-1 LIQUID REMOVER QUART6Request Price
OM00304Old Masters 00304 TM-3 PAINT REMOVER QUART6Request Price
OM00401Old Masters 00401 TM-4 PAINT REMOVER GALLON4Request Price
OM00404Old Masters 00404 TM-4 PAINT REMOVER QUART6Request Price
OM00601Old Masters 00601 FURNITURE REFINISHER GALLON4Request Price
OM00604Old Masters 00604 FURNITURE REFINISHER QUART6Request Price
OM00608Old Masters 00608 FURNITURE REFINISHER PINT6Request Price
OM32401Old Masters WHITE PUTTY STICK6Request Price
OM32402Old Masters NATURAL PUTTY STICK6Request Price
OM32403Old Masters LIGHT BROWN PUTTY STICK6Request Price
OM32404Old Masters MEDIUM BROWN PUTTY STICK6Request Price
OM32405Old Masters DARK BROWN PUTTY STICK6Request Price
OM32406Old Masters DEEP BROWN PUTTY STICK6Request Price
OM32407Old Masters RED BROWN PUTTY STICK6Request Price
OM32408Old Masters MAHOGANY PUTTY STICK6Request Price
OM10010Old Masters 10010 SCRATCHIDE PEN CHERRY6Request Price
OM10020Old Masters 10020 SCRATCHIDE PEN DK WALNUT6Request Price
OM10030Old Masters 10030 SCRATCHIDE PEN PROVINCIAL6Request Price
OM10040Old Masters 10040 SCRATCHIDE PEN EARLY AMERICAN6Request Price
OM10050Old Masters 10050 SCRATCHIDE PEN RED MAHOGANY6Request Price
OM10070Old Masters 10070 SCRATCHIDE PEN MAPLE6Request Price
OM10080Old Masters 10080 SCRATCHIDE PEN SPECIAL WALNUT6Request Price
OM10090Old Masters 10090 SCRATCHIDE PEN GOLDEN OAK6Request Price