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Hyde Tools

Hyde Manufacturing
The Hyde Manufacturing Company started well over a century ago and has grown from its early start as a cutlery manufacturer into the leading provider of hand tools for jobs of many kinds. Today, HYDE® brand tools are used by painters, drywall professionals and remodelers and homeowners throughout the world.

Hyde manufactures the best tools to finish your remodeling and repair jobs faster, better and easier.
See today why they are #1

Pearson #DescriptionPack Qty.UPC CodeRequest Price
HD01850Hyde Black & Silver® Joint Knife, 6" HH Stainless Steel5079423018503Request Price
HD02000Hyde Black & Silver® 1-1/4" Flex Putty5079423020001Request Price
HD02070Hyde Black & Silver® 1-1/4" Stiff Bent Putty10079423020704Request Price
HD02100Hyde Black & Silver® 1-1/2" Flex Putty5079423021008Request Price
HD02150Hyde Black & Silver® 1-1/2" Stiff Putty5079423021503Request Price
HD02200Hyde Black & Silver® 1-5/16" Stiff Chisel Putty5079423022005Request Price
HD02205Hyde Black & Silver® 3/4" Stiff Chisel Putty5079423022050Request Price
HD02250Hyde Black & Silver® 2" Flex Putty5079423022500Request Price
HD02350Hyde Black & Silver® Flex Scraper, 3"5079423023507Request Price
HD02352Hyde Black & Silver® 3" SuperFlexx™ Scraper5079423023521Request Price
HD02400Hyde Black & Silver® 3" Stiff Chisel Scraper5079423024009Request Price
HD02550Hyde Black & Silver® Flex Joint Knife, 4"5079423025501Request Price
HD02570Hyde Black & Silver® Joint Knife, 4" Flex HH5079423025709Request Price
HD02750Hyde Black & Silver® Flex Joint Knife, 5"5079423027505Request Price
HD02770Hyde Black & Silver® Joint Knife, 5" Flex HH5079423027703Request Price
HD02852Hyde Black & Silver® Joint Knife, 6" SuperFlexx™ Joint Knife5079423028526Request Price
HD02870Hyde Black & Silver® Joint Knife, 6" HH5079423028700Request Price
HD02950Hyde Black & Silver® 2-in-1 Glazing Tool5079423029509Request Price
HD02970Hyde Black & Silver® 5-in-15079423029707Request Price
HD02980Hyde Black & Silver® 6-in-1, HH5079423029806Request Price
HD02990Hyde Black & Silver® Flex Joint Knife, 8"5079423029905Request Price
HD04101Hyde Value Series 1-1/2" Flex Putty5079423041013Request Price
HD04150Hyde Value Series 1-1/2" Stiff Putty5079423041518Request Price
HD04350Hyde Value Series 3" Flex Joint Knife5079423043529Request Price
HD04401Hyde Value Series 3" Stiff Scraper5079423044014Request Price
HD04700Hyde Value Series 4-1/2" Flex Joint Knife5079423047015Request Price
HD04850Hyde Value Series 6" Flex Joint Knife5079423048517Request Price
HD05510Hyde Economy Series™ Tool, 1-1/2" Plastic Putty40079423055102Request Price
HD05530Hyde Economy Series™ Tool, 3" Plastic Putty20079423055300Request Price
HD06108Hyde Pro Stainless 1-1/2" Flex Putty HH5079423061080Request Price
HD06158Hyde Pro Stainless 1-1/2" Stiff Putty HH5079423061585Request Price
HD06220Hyde Pro Stainless 2" Flex Putty HH5079423062285Request Price
HD06308Hyde Pro Stainless 2" Stiff Putty HH5079423063084Request Price
HD06358Hyde Pro Stainless 3" Flex Joint Knife HH5079423063589Request Price
HD06408Hyde Pro Stainless 3" Stiff Scraper HH5079423064081Request Price
HD06778Hyde Pro Stainless 5" Flex Joint Knife HH5079423067785Request Price
HD06878Pro Stainless 6" Flex Joint Knife HH5079423068782Request Price
HD06972Hyde 15 (06986) Pro Stainless 6-in-1 Painter's Tool, HH, Counter Top Merch1079423069727Request Price
HD06986Hyde Pro Stainless 6-IN1 Painter's Tool HH5079423069864Request Price
HD09046Hyde Pole Sander Head (Economy)5079423090462Request Price
HD09048Hyde Aluminum Pole Sander Head w/48" Pole5079423090486Request Price
HD09157Hyde Economy Series™ Hand Sander5079423091575Request Price
HD09213Hyde Taping Knife, 10" Blue Steel5079423092138Request Price
HD09350Hyde 8" Pro Stainless Taping Knife, Stainless Steel, Aluminum Back5079423093531Request Price
HD09360Hyde 10" Pro Stainless Taping Knife, Stainless Steel, Aluminum Back5079423093630Request Price
HD09370Hyde 12" Pro Stainless Taping Knife, Stainless Steel, Aluminum Back5079423093739Request Price
HD09510Hyde 5 Way Smoothing Tool10079423095108Request Price
HD09910Hyde Wet & Set®5" X 15" Repair Patch30079423099106Request Price
HD09911Hyde Wet & Set®5" X 9' Contractor's Roll12079423099113Request Price
HD10500Hyde Black & Silver® Lifetime 2-Edge Scraper, 1"5079423105005Request Price
HD10510Hyde Black & Silver® Lifetime 2-Edge Scraper, 1-1/2" (7-1/2" handle)5079423105104Request Price
HD10520Hyde Black & Silver® Lifetime 2-Edge Scraper, 2-1/2"5079423105203Request Price
HD10530Hyde Black & Silver® Lifetime 4-Edge Scraper, 1-1/2" (9" handle)5079423105302Request Price
HD10540Hyde Black & Silver® Lifetime 4-Edge Scraper with knob, 2 1/2"5079423105401Request Price
HD10610Hyde Carbide 2-Edge Scraper, 2"5Request Price
HD10620Hyde Carbide Scraper w/ pull knob, 2-1/2"3079423106200Request Price
HD11000Hyde Replacement Blade for 1050010079423110009Request Price
HD11050Hyde Replacement Blade for 1051010079423110504Request Price
HD11100Hyde Replacement Blade for 1052010079423111006Request Price
HD11120Hyde Replacement Blade for 1053010079423111204Request Price
HD11130Hyde Replacement Blade for 1054010079423111303Request Price
HD11170Hyde Carbide Replacement Blade for 106105079423111709Request Price
HD11180Hyde Carbide Replacement Blade for 106203079423111808Request Price
HD12010Hyde Hardwood 3" XHD Bent Scraper5079423120107Request Price
HD12070Hyde Chisel Scraper, 3" Bent (Acme handle)5079423120701Request Price
HD12072Hyde Extension Pole Chisel Scraper, 3" Flat (Acme handle)5079423120725Request Price
HD13000Hyde DELTA™ Glass Scrapers, 1 blade10079423130007Request Price
HD13020Hyde Mini Glass Scraper w/ Blade10079423130205Request Price
HD13050Hyde DELTA™ Glass Scrapers, 5 blades10079423130502Request Price
HD13110Hyde Single Edge Blades, 10 (2/5 pks)10079423131103Request Price
HD13140Hyde Single Edge Blades, 100-Blade Merchandiser1079423131400Request Price
HD20550Hyde Black & Silver® Flooring/Roofing Knife, 2-1/2"5079423205507Request Price
HD28020Hyde PROShield®, 24" x 9"Stiff Aluminum6079423280207Request Price
HD28030Hyde PROShield®, 36" x 9"Stiff Aluminum3079423280306Request Price
HD28040Hyde PROShield®, 48" x 9"Stiff Aluminum6079423280405Request Price
HD28670Hyde QuickReach® 4-1/2'-6-1/2' Telescoping Pole1079423286704Request Price
HD28680Hyde QuickReach® 5-1/2'-8-1/2' Telescoping Pole1079423286803Request Price
HD28690Hyde QuickReach® 7-1/2'-12' Telescoping Pole1079423286902Request Price
HD30100Hyde Hardwood Roller, 1-1/4" flat5079423301001Request Price
HD33110Hyde Wallpaper Shaver, 4" Foam Grip5079423331107Request Price
HD33120Hyde Wallpaper Shaver, 4" Nylon Handle5079423331206Request Price
HD33170Hyde 4" Replacement Blade for 33120, 33110, 3309510079423331701Request Price
HD35789Hyde Smoothing Brush, 12" wood handle10079423357893Request Price
HD42045Hyde Auto-Lock Snap-Off Knife, 9mm10079423420450Request Price
HD42066Hyde SwitchBlade® Professional Safety Knife, Uncarded10079423420665Request Price
HD42070Hyde Top Slide Utility Knife5079423420702Request Price
HD42100Hyde Utility Knife Blades (5), 025" Thickness10079423421006Request Price
HD42117Hyde Rounded Tip Utility Knife Blades (5)10079423421174Request Price
HD42150Hyde Utility Knife Blades (100)1079423421501Request Price
HD43420Hyde Paint Mixer, 11", 1 Gallon6079423434204Request Price
HD43430Hyde Paint Mixer, 17-1/2", 5 Gallon6079423434303Request Price
HD43460Hyde Paint Mixer, 7", 1 Gallon10079423434600Request Price
HD44280Hyde Tack Cloth, 18" x 36"10079423442803Request Price
HD45000Hyde Paint Shield, 10"10079423450006Request Price
HD45005Hyde Paint Shield, 15"20079423450051Request Price
HD45042Hyde Hyde Window Sash Painter20079423450426Request Price
HD45050Hyde Hyde Pail Hooks (2)10079423450501Request Price
HD45110Hyde Hyde Swivel Pail Hook10079423451102Request Price
HD45395Hyde Rubber Sanding Block10079423453953Request Price
HD45450Hyde Crack Patcher10079423454509Request Price
HD45600Hyde 90° Bent Pry Bar/Scraper5079423456008Request Price
HD45730Hyde Plastic Cutter10079423457302Request Price
HD45760Hyde Glazing Points, Push Style10079423457609Request Price
HD45805Hyde Mini Guide™, 11-1/2"5079423458057Request Price
HD45810Hyde Super Guide™, 24 1/2"5079423458101Request Price
HD45815Hyde Smoothing Tool, 11"10079423458156Request Price
HD45950Hyde Paint Brush Comb10079423459504Request Price
HD45970Hyde 5 Gallon Pouring Spout5079423459702Request Price
HD46555Hyde 16" Mudslinger® Mixer (2-1/4" Diameter)4079423465550Request Price