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ZipWall Dust Barrier System, Dust Containment, Proper Jobsite Setup, Protect Jobsite from Contamination It took a contractor who created clouds of dust to finally create an easy-to-use dust barrier system. That man was Jeff Whittemore. Prior to founding ZipWall®, Jeff operated a highly regarded floor refinishing company. One particular job needed dust containment to protect major portions the house from contamination. The large open floor plan presented quite a problem.

The solution had to be tapeless. It had to be easy to set up. It had to work with a variety of ceiling heights. And it had to be virtually airtight. The result was the ZipWall Foam Rails, Dust Barrier Systemrevolutionary ZipWall® Dust Barrier System.

For the first time, one person could set up a tapeless dust barrier system in minutes, saving valuable time, and preventing damage to finished surfaces.

Recognized by the press and endorsed by contractors, this award-winning product is now considered the most flexible, comprehensive and effective dust containment solution available.

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Pearson # Description Pack Price
ZW4PL Zipwall 4 Pack Plus 3 Inquiry
ZWSLP2 Zipwall SLP 2 Pack 6 Inquiry
ZWKT20 Zipwall Kit 20 6 Inquiry
ZWZP2 Zipwall ZipPole 2 6 Inquiry
ZWFR2 Zipwall Foam Rail 6 Inquiry
ZWSC2 Zipwall Side Clamps 4 Inquiry
ZWCB1 Zipwall Carry Bag 6 Inquiry
ZWAZ2 Zipwall Zippers 48 Inquiry
ZWHDAZ2 Zipwall Heavy Duty Zippers 2 48 Inquiry
ZWZDS Zipwall ZipDoor Standard 12 Inquiry
ZWZDC Zipwall ZipDoor Commercial 12 Inquiry
ZWT160 Zipwall Tape 1"x60' 48 Inquiry
ZWT260 Zipwall Tape 2"x60' 48 Inquiry
ZWGD2 Zipwall Grip discs 6 Inquiry
ZWNSP2 Zipwall Non-skid plate 6 Inquiry
ZWRLPK Zipwall Reel Pack 4 Inquiry
ZWRLFP Zipwall Reel Facility Pack 2 Inquiry

Pearson # Description Pack Price
ZWSLP6 Zipwall SLP 6 Pack 2 Inquiry
ZWZP4 Zipwall ZipPole 4 4 Inquiry
ZWZR1 Zipwall ZipRail 1 6 Inquiry
ZWZR3 Zipwall ZipRail 3 3 Inquiry
ZWSDPK Zipwall Side Pack 1 Inquiry
ZWZHK1 Zipwall ZipHook 6 Inquiry
ZWHDAZ12 Zipwall Heavy Duty Zippers 12 8 Inquiry
ZWRN09 Zipwall ZipRunner 1 x 3 Meters 10 Inquiry
ZWRN33 Zipwall ZipRunner 1 x 10 Meter 6 Inquiry
ZWRN98 Zipwall ZipRunner 1 x 30 Meter 2 Inquiry
ZWFA10 Zipwall Floor Adaptor 10 6 Inquiry
ZWFA12 Zipwall Floor Adaptor 12 6 Inquiry