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The Alternative to Ordinary
Pearson Item# Description Pack Price
Metallic Paint Collection
MMME2046 Antique Bronze 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME2056 Antique Copper 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME7046 Black Cherry 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME7006 Black Pearl 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME2386 Blackened Bronze 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME2896 Brass 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME5106 Brick 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME7026 Burnt Orange 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME7036 Camel 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME2066 Champagne 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME1956 Copper 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME5796 Copper Penny 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME4356 Cranberry Mist 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME5256 English Brown 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME6576 Flash Blue 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME6566 Flash Copper 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME1646 Flash Gold 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME6586 Gold Rush 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME7066 Green Apple 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME2306 Green Gold 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME4326 Hunter Green 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME1946 Iridescent Gold 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME6546 Ivy 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME4276 Lilac 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME4346 Mystical Green 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME7086 Nickel 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME6596 Olympic Gold 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME7056 Oyster 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME2006 Pale Gold 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME1966 Pearl White 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME2096 Pewter 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME6606 Pharaoh's Gold 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME7096 Pink Pearl 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME5916 Platinum 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME5116 Plum 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME7016 Rich Gold 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME2466 Rose 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME2476 Sage 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME6556 Sapphire 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME5136 Sashay Red 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME5146 Shimmering Sky 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME1506 Silver 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME2436 Smoke 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME7076 Snowflake 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME1906 Statuary Bronze 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME2446 Steel Gray 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME2496 Teal 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME6616 Tequila Gold 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME4296 Venetian Blue 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME2216 Warm Silver 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME20432 Antique Bronze 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME20532 Antique Copper 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME70432 Black Cherry 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME70032 Black Pearl 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME23832 Blackened Bronze 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME28932 Brass 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME51032 Brick 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME70232 Burnt Orange 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME70332 Camel 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME20632 Champagne 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME19532 Copper 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME57932 Copper Penny 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME43532 Cranberry Mist 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME52532 English Brown 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME65732 Flash Blue 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME65632 Flash Copper 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME16432 Flash Gold 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME65832 Gold Rush 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME70632 Green Apple 32oz 4REQUEST
MMME23032 Green Gold 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME43232 Hunter Green 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME19432 Iridescent Gold 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME65432 Ivy 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME42732 Lilac 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME43432 Mystical Green 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME70832 Nickel 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME65932 Olympic Gold 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME70532 Oyster 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME20032 Pale Gold 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME19632 Pearl White 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME20932 Pewter 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME66032 Pharaoh's Gold 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME70932 Pink Pearl 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME59132 Platinum 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME51132 Plum 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME70132 Rich Gold 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME24632 Rose 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME24732 Sage 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME65532 Sapphire 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME51332 Sashay Red 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME51432 Shimmering Sky 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME15032 Silver 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME24332 Smoke 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME70732 Snowflake 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME19032 Statuary Bronze 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME24432 Steel Gray 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME24932 Teal 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME66132 Tequila Gold 32oz 4REQUEST
MMME42932 Venetian Blue 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME22132 Warm Silver 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME2041 Antique Bronze Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME2051 Antique Copper Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME7041 Black Cherry Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME7001 Black Pearl Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME2381 Blackened Bronze Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME2891 Brass Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME5101 Brick Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME7021 Burnt Orange Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME7031 Camel Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME2061 Champagne Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME1951 Copper Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME5791 Copper Penny Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME4351 Cranberry Mist Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME5251 English Brown Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME6571 Flash Blue Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME6561 Flash Copper Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME1641 Flash Gold Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME6581 Gold Rush Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME7061 Green Apple Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME2301 Green Gold Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME4321 Hunter Green Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME1941 Iridescent Gold Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME6541 Ivy Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME4271 Lilac Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME4341 Mystical Green Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME7081 Nickel Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME6591 Olympic Gold Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME7051 Oyster Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME2001 Pale Gold Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME1961 Pearl White Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME2091 Pewter Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME6601 Pharaoh's Gold Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME7091 Pink Pearl Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME5911 Platinum Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME5111 Plum Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME7011 Rich Gold Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME2461 Rose Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME2471 Sage Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME6551 Sapphire Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME5131 Sashay Red Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME5141 Shimmering Sky Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME1501 Silver Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME2431 Smoke Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME7071 Snowflake Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME1901 Statuary Bronze Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME2441 Steel Gray Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME2491 Teal Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME6611 Tequila Gold Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME4291 Venetian Blue Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME2211 Warm Silver Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME6514 Extender for Rolling-4oz 4 REQUEST
MMME65116 Extender for Rolling-16oz 4 REQUEST
MMME6511 Extender for Rolling-Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME652 Metallic Paint Roller 1 REQUEST
Matte Metallic Paint REQUEST
MMMM1906 Statuary Bronze Matte 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMMM1956 Copper Matte 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMMM2006 Pale Gold Matte 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMMM2046 Antique Bronze Matte 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMMM2056 Antique Copper Matte 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMMM2066 Champagne Matte 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMMM2096 Pewter Matte 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMMM2216 Warm Silver Matte 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMMM2386 Blackened Bronze Matte 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMMM2896 Brass Matte 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMMM5796 Copper Penny Matte 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMMM5916 Platinum / Silver Matte 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMMM6586 Gold Rush Matte 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMMM6596 Olympic Gold Matte 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMMM7056 Oyster Matte 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMMM19032 Statuary Bronze Matte 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMMM19532 Copper Matte 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMMM20032 Pale Gold Matte 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMMM20432 Antique Bronze Matte 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMMM20532 Antique Copper Matte 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMMM20632 Champagne Matte 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMMM20932 Pewter Matte 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMMM22132 Warm Silver Matte 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMMM23832 Blackened Bronze Matte 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMMM28932 Brass Matte 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMMM57932 Copper Penny Matte 32oz4REQUEST
MMMM59132 Platinum / Silver Matte 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMMM65832 Gold Rush Matte 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMMM65932 Olympic Gold Matte 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMMM70532 Oyster Matte 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMMM1901 Statuary Bronze Matte Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMMM1951 Copper Matte Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMMM2001 Pale Gold Matte Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMMM2041 Antique Bronze Matte Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMMM2051 Antique Copper Matte Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMMM2061 Champagne Matte Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMMM2091 Pewter Matte Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMMM2211 Warm Silver Matte Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMMM2381 Blackened Bronze Matte Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMMM2891 Brass Matte Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMMM5791 Copper Penny Matte Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMMM5911 Platinum / Silver Matte Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMMM6581 Gold Rush Matte Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMMM6591 Olympic Gold Matte Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMMM7051 Oyster Matte Gallon 2 REQUEST
Metal Effects REQUEST
MMME3966 Bronze Reactive 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME1496 Copper Reactive 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME2086 Iron Reactive 6oz 6 REQUEST
MMME39616 Bronze Reactive 16oz 4 REQUEST
MMME14916 Copper Reactive 16oz 4 REQUEST
MMME20816 Iron Reactive 16oz 4 REQUEST
MMME3961 Bronze Reactive Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME1491 Copper Reactive Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME2081 Iron Reactive Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMPA9024 Blue Patina 4oz 6 REQUEST
MMPA9014 Green Patina 4oz 6 REQUEST
MMPA9044 Rust Activator 4oz 6 REQUEST
MMPA90216 Blue Patina 16oz 4 REQUEST
MMPA90116 Green Patina 16oz 4 REQUEST
MMPA90416 Rust Activator 16oz 4 REQUEST
MMPA9021 Blue Patina Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMPA9011 Green Patina Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMPA9041 Rust Activator Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMAM2034 Acid Blocking Primer 4oz 6 REQUEST
MMAM2044 Permacoat Xtreme 4oz 6 REQUEST
MMAM20316 Acid Blocking Primer 16oz 4 REQUEST
MMAM20416 Permacoat Xtreme 16oz 4 REQUEST
MMAM2031 Acid Blocking Primer Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMAM2041 Permacoat Xtreme Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMSP120 Spritzer Caps Gallon 1 REQUEST
MasterClear REQUEST
MMME66232 MasterClear-Semi-Gloss 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME6621 MasterClear-Semi-Gloss Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMME66432 MasterClear-Satin 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMME6641 MasterClear-Satin Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMMCS90132 MasterClear Supreme - Matte Qt 4 REQUEST
MMMCS90232 MasterClear Supreme - Satin Qt 4 REQUEST
MMMCS90332 MasterClear Supreme - Semi-Gloss Qt 4 REQUEST
MMMCS90432 MasterClear Supreme - Gloss Qt 4 REQUEST
MMMCS901GAL MasterClear Supreme - Matte Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMMCS902GAL MasterClear Supreme - Satin Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMMCS903GAL MasterClear Supreme - Semi-Gloss Gallon 2 REQUEST
Venetian Plaster REQUEST
MMVP100 VP Tint Base 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMVP200 VP Ultra Deep Tint Base 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMVP200GAL VP Ultra Deep Tint Base Gal 2 REQUEST
MMVP300 VP Satin Topcoat 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMVP300GAL VP Satin Topcoat Gallon 4 REQUEST
Texture Effects REQUEST
MMTEX100-GAL Tintable Base Gallon 2 REQUEST
Decorative Painter's Products REQUEST
MMDP60832 Tintable Glaze (Scumble) 4 REQUEST
MMDP60932 Dead Flat Varnish 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMDP609GAL Dead Flat Varnish Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMDP61232 Exterior Dead Flat Varnish 32oz 4 REQUEST
MMDP612GAL Exterior Dead Flat Varnish Gallon 2 REQUEST
MMDP615 Decorative Painter's Portfolio Boards 1 REQUEST
Accessories/Tools REQUEST
MMME652 Metallic Paint Roller 1 REQUEST
MMMMT9 Stainless Steel Trowel-9 inch 1 REQUEST